Diversa Frypan 24cm
Diversa Frypan 24cm

Flonal Cookware

Diversa Frypan 24cm

Aluminum can be recycled and reused indefinitely, without losing its qualities and its properties. This means recovery of waste materials, energy saving (compared to the energy needed for extraction and primary production ) and reduction of emissions (allowing to save up to 95% of CO)

Designed for sustainable and environmentally friendly cooking, DIVERSA is made using 100% recycled aluminum, to give new life to cans and other aluminum objects.

  • 100% Recycled Aluminum, forged body
  • New generation Magmatech Plus non-tick coating, ultra reinforced with hard mineral particles
  • PFOA and Nickel Free
  • Suitable for all cooktops, including induction.
  • Packaging Made of 100%Recycled Paper
  • Eco+ Handles, Made With Certified Wood Flour, Which Does Not Contain Chemical Dyes Of Any Kind
  • Plastic-Free Package
  • Made in Italy

Product Code50297

RRP (inc GST)$99.99

Warranty12 months

Product Dimensions H × W × D3.5cm x 24cm x 24cm

Product Weight0.81 kg

Packaging Multiple 1 IN 6 OUT

Care InstructionsDishwasher safe