Chef Inox has an immense range of professional kitchen utensils and cookware that, short of doing the cooking for you, will certainly make your cooking experience much easier. For stainless steel and aluminium saucepans, roasting pans, stock pots, woks and more, you can do no better than Chef Inox professional.

The extensive range covers all cookware from prep through to plating up. Cutting boards, mixing bowls, utensils and more through to frying pans, gastronorm pans, serving boards and barware.

With decades of experience and excellence behind the official Chef Inox brand is a global leader, but remains proudly Australian, based in Australia. The team behind Chef Inox boasts an unbeatable, combined decades worth of history in the HORECA industry and draws on that extensive know-how to carefully refine and review every single product before it goes to market.


✔ 18/10 stainless steel

✔ Minimum gauge 0.6mm

✔ All pans are brand and size embossed

✔ Reinforced edges on pans and covers provide a secure fit

✔ Suitable for freezing, heating, preparing and storing food

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