At Chef'n, we design fun, funky, and functional gadgets to encourage exploration and shareable experiences in the kitchen. Our products inspire healthy-ish eating for the creative chefs, be they novice or more comfortable behind the cutting board. We call this blend of joy and purpose, Tasteful Ingenuity.

Gadgets that overcome life's little annoyances.

Consider some of their latest products: Why get sticky fingers when enjoying fresh succulent corn? Get more corn with less mess with these cob holders. How can I get evenly tip green beans, peas, carrots, or asparagus? Check out the "vege tipper" for a consistent and quick solution to an otherwise tedious chore.

The iconic GarlicZoom® just got zoomier.

This updated take on the Chef’n classic fits more garlic cloves, opens completely for easy access to the good garlicky stuff, and is designed for quick and easy cleaning without having to handle those sharp little blades. Like the original, this garlic chopper creates the perfect mince every time!

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